Is Medication going to help more than it hurts?

I understand most of you are on medications. How much do they hurt your ability to function, and how much to they help your symptoms? I’ve only heard from outside views from doctors, but I really want to hear about your guys’ personal, inside experience here.

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I couldn’t function without meds, and even with my depression I go to school now and I’m taking my drivers license.

Wow. Sounds like meds really helped you a lot. That’s a good sign for me.

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■■■■■■ my life up completely. I detest headmeds. Mutilated by them.

I don’t function great, live with my mum and have no job. But I’m much worse off if I don’t take antipsychotics

@Wallwalker1993 @zenmind Have either of you tried any other kinds of treatment? Eg. Nutritional treatment, psychotherapy, etc?

I’ve tried CBT and it didn’t really do anything for me. Meds for me all the way. It’s probably worth a shot for you though cause you seem to have an idea that some of your thoughts may be delusions and not necessarily based in reality so therapy might work well

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@zenmind Definitely. I understand that my thinking is delusional but for some reason I just can’t stop thinking these thoughts and avoiding situations due to my delusional fears. I know it’s wrong but I just can’t stop thinking it.

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Nope I’m in remittance from my illness and was about two weeks after leaving hospital. Lived extremely healthy before grilled chicken fish and 5 types of greens 6 times a day. Took many vitamins aminos and minerals. Drank 4-5 litres of water a day. So it wasn’t down to nutrition, I probably just needed a punch in the face and told to shut up not destructive headmeds

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Darn it. It’s really impressive though that you were able to go on a nutritional diet even if it didn’t work. You have far more willpower than I do. I guess I used to be better until my illnesses made me stop giving a ■■■■.

Yeah I had mass willpower, its sad the illness took it away from you, it was the meds that took mine away but I find it pointless to be healthy now, I can never get back to who I was, what I was. So now I’m just killing myself with cigerettes and bad food.

How many meds did you try?

I share the same kind of feeling. Everyone talks about “being healthy” and “going drug/alchohol free”, but what the hell is the point if we are going to be crazy and miserable our whole lives? since I still see some possibility that I might get better, I’ll do everything in my power to get better. But if that is my reality, then I will just do whatever I want, risky things, unhealthy things, because if I’m not gonna get any better, than I may as well do things I semi-like. I dunno if that made any sense, I stray from topic to topic un necessarily quite often. SZ.

I don’t know if that was for me or @Wallwalker1993 haha but I haven’t tried any meds. Haven’t seen a psychiatrist yet because my mom doesn’t want me to be put on meds until my psychologist says it’s ok. So IDK when that’s gonna happen…

I’m on meds, I eat heathly, I’m sober for a year and three months and besides a mild depression, my life is going great. My depression is due to the fact I have this illness, but I’m coming to terms with it. I’m not crazy at all and I’m definetly not miserable. Don’t listen to the anti-med agenda before you try them and see for yourself if they work on you. For some people it takes awhile and there are rare cases of non complaiance to them, which means that or they don’t work or the side effects are intorable, but they are rare.


It was for @Wallwalker1993

@Minnii yeah I thought so. And you’re right. I’m gonna try everything before I have that mindset. That was just me being a pessimist, probably because of my depression.

3 meds extremely high doses

Mate if your not completely ■■■■■■ from meds I would urge you to eat healthy and get big, you look good you feel good life’s awesome when your the biggest dude in a club. I do believe I’ve been put on this path for a reason but do it while you can you won’t regret it, testerone is great for mental illness.

You’re lucky you don’t have a court order to take meds like I did. I was suicidal and hit myself. I was hospitalized and held by 5 police officers to take a shot of something to put me asleep. When I got out of the hospital I didn’t want anything to do with meds, I was put on two of them and one of those meds I hated. I cried and screamed everyday that I didn’t want to be a lab rat for the bigpharma. After two months my hallucinations were gone and I started to think that they weren’t experimenting on me anymore.

After six months I was out of the court ordered injections and decided to continue with treatment because not only I live better on meds, I’m a better person too. I no longer give credit to my delusions, or importance to hallucinations. I don’t have any hallucinations anymore.

I’m actually thinking of a med switch given that I still have some symptoms that this med is not being able to get rid of.

The side effects are minimal and barely noticeable. I had the shakes, took a med for it and they’re gone. I have high prolactin and lactated a bit but that’s one of the reasons I want to switch meds, high prolactin sucks, my body thinks is pregnant.

Anyway, I coulnd’t be here talking to you if I wasn’t on meds. I would probably be living on the streets talking to myself and eating out of garbage cans, most likely.