Is medication enough?

New issue with this. My ex-husband only takes his medications for his disease. He doesnt see his physician or counselor until it is extreme or he needs a refill.
Everything I have read and research and been told in my own counseling is it is the whole package or it doesnt work fully.
I get that meds need to be adjusted but when the person is using illegal drugs and alcohol with his meds, are they really working? Plus not seeing his doctor or counselor what is the point?
I see what it does but they do not, they think they are better or ok. Yea today maybe but what about tomorrow or the next day?
Now my daughter wants to see her dad and I know that he isnt doing the whole package but his inner circle says he has structure and living his daily life. Well after two years of not the sudden threat of not seeing your children you get structure? I dont want my 10 year old daughter thinking she has to take care of this person. And he will make her feel that way and I am the bad one.
So is medication enough when they just got out of the hospital for the 2nd time and have not follow-up with their doctors orders or recommendations? Is is wrong to not let my daughter see him when it is for her own well being?

Medication requires that you always follow up with doctor without fail. He just can’t take his meds and when he gets extreme go to the doctor. No don’t want your daughter around an illegal drug taking man who is off his meds.

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Thank you for reassuring my decision. I have been telling him and his family he needs to continue with all his doctors recommendations and they think because he is taking his meds he is ok. It doesnt work that way. My 10 year old daughter understands that you need to follow all doctors orders to be better so why cant he and they? I am no doctor but I no when followup is important and continuous follow up and with this disease to be ok or even they need continuous followup with routines. Not just because you feel better you dont need to go. Doesnt wotk that way. His family doesnt realize it is only harming him in the long run.

This is just me, but I could not get stable, get a job or get my own place on meds alone.

First the meds have to be right, but the rest… I’ve been in stress management, panic management, CBT, I have the therapist. I’ve had training on how to get a job. I’ve been through day hospital programs when I was finally getting more stable. The therapy has also helped me stay clean and sober for 6 years.

For some… it just might be meds alone. But for me… it’s meds, therapy, check-ups, classes, relearning what I’ve lost. Most of all… NO illegal drugs. I’m sorry you have to go through this.

My son is 20, has had 6 hospitalizations in 3 years. Is currently being medication compliant with respect to his anti psychotics but up until his last break he wasn’t for any length of time. A lot of people on this forum have had to come to terms with needing medications. A lot have not. Lack of insight makes it hard to accept taking medications for something that you don’t feel needs to be medicated. I guess I just wanted to say that the fact that he is being medication compliant is actually a very good thing.

My son also drinks and uses marijuana. If it wasn’t for his medications I have recently been fearful of a relapse. So from my point of view medications work even with alcohol and drugs although certainly not as well as without. I am a part of my son’s treatment in that I attend most of his meetings and appointments. If there are things going on that you wish for his psychiatrist to know about that you should be able to call them and leave them a detailed message. They may not be able to talk to you directly but they can listen to your concerns. I like to attend my son’s appointments because if I didn’t then they would get a different version of what is going on then what I see. Like only smoking marijuana a couple of times a week instead of the amount that I see being used. Currently my son is meeting with his team but he is not usually happy about it. He doesn’t feel like he needs their help which is not uncommon.

I am not recommending that you let your daughter interact with him and protecting her is the priority. I just wanted to point out that it does sound like he is making progress. It can take a long time to come to terms with a schizophrenia diagnoses.

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I agree that the fact that he is taking his meds regularly is a huge positive and it does help. It would help more or better without the marjunia and alchol but he refuses to quit because that is the one constant in his life.
I do communicate with his psyciatrist every time I have contact with him, positive and negative because that does help his care. Even now and we are not together I still communicate with him.
I know he has not accepted that he has this disease and it will be years I think before he will and his family will. He has been like this for so long to them it is normal.
I used to manage his care when we were together but when he started to “feel better and not need his care” (in hi eyes) is when i told him, I can’t live that way and neither can the kids. Then it went down hill from there. But he knew what he had to do but he made choices because of how he used to be and what he wants, i.e. marjunia and alchol and not going to counseling or regular doctoring.
It frustrates me because if this was say cancer him and his family would do everything step and recommendation his doctors gave but because this is a mind disease I am the one that doesnt understand and he can handle it because he has all these years.
I jut know that protecting my kids is top priority. Family should understand that, but instead blaming me for protecting them is easier.

He needs more. He quit 2 high paying jobs and was fired from another because of not following full medical recommendations. Then he hasnt worked in over a year and now is working odd jobs for his brother because he has no income. when he is able. It is hit or miss. I have stressed that progams and therapist would only help but I cant say it enough for it to happen.
His family doesnt think he needs it either but they do not realize what they are doing to him and his future. If something should happen to them, he would be another sad face lost to this disease that would disappear. It would be very sad.

Medication is the best way of controlling symptoms but even when symptoms are controlled there are issues people face.

When a person thinks abnormally and suffers for a long time there are residual effects long after the medication begins to work. It can be hard to shake the things that were such deeply ingrained parts of their life.

These need to be dealt with and the various therapies in common use are a good way to start on the road to recovery.

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exactly. This is what I have been telling him and his family and I am the bad one.

He could live a better life if he did this but it could be months, years or never before he realizes it.

until then I can only protect my children and make sure they are safe and healthy. They are in therapy because of this and it is the best thing for them. It helps them understand or maybe not but they have someone to talk too and that is important .

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Can I get an AMEN brother?!.. :clap: Thank you from the back.

I have some delusions that hit my heart so deeply when I wasn’t stable that I still fight them and try to tell myself how they are not logical. In my head I can stop and say… Now J, really? But in my heart, the feelings of this delusion are just as strong as ever.