Is marriage babaric or am I being a sissy?

I don’t see couples getting along too well. I never knew what I wanted about that. I ended up with no one. Too fearful.

I get along amazingly with my partner. We’ve been married over a decade.


But I think marriage is outdated to an extent.

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It’s only bad if the people aren’t compatible and loving. Shouldn’t be seen as an obligation, just a convenience.

Some people just never marry.

My parents were pretty okay together and have been married for decades. I want that kind of stability in my life.

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I think marriage is for financial reasons, such as leaving your money
to your spouse when you die instead of the government getting it.----

My parents didn’t argue but they were rigid in their requirements for having a family.

I’m old fashioned in thinking Mom should be free to give care to the children. How to do that without marriage is the big question.

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You can still have relationships without marriage.

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Right. But, I think when the going gets rough, people rely on the clout of marriage.

I get along great with my husband

Me and my partner are engaged. We can’t afford a wedding at the moment . At the moment we are saving cause we are planning a child.


I just think it is so very daunting to make a vow to them and in front of a crowd of friends and family that you are going to stay with them and love them for life in sickness and in health. it is so daunting. it is simply extremely unsettling for me to do. I don’t think it makes me a sissy though, and I think marriage really suits some people, like my brother who has that kind of character for marriage. but I don’t have that character and that is ok.

Yes, marriage is barbaric. :grin::slight_smile: It is more than that too, or so i’d like to think.

Marriage is no big deal as divorce exists.

Well, gotta go, my ride is here. Have a wonderful day.

In my experience of being married conflict seems to go in cycles; there are good times and hard times. But knowledge that you love that person and that they also love you in return is more than enough to make it through any hard time, even if the times call for more than just love but also commitment. It is the security that you know you love them and will always love them, no matter what happens to the both of you. That’s not barbaric to me, it is undeniably powerful.

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A friend once said to me “See how expensive it is to get married and then see how much it costs to get divorced.” You begin to see real quick it’s a helluva lot easier to get married than it is to get unmarried.

That’s also my thought.

Only if you marry a barbarian

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