Is Malaise or general feeling of sickness part of Schizophrenia? (need feedback)

Just a short question. I ALWAYS have the feeling like i have catched a cold without the running nose and fever. just like cold-light. or like mild or the beginning of a cold or something. or the mental effects of having an infection without the bodily symptoms. And my CRP (22) and ESR are slightly elevated (ok forget this last one) so. is Malaise or feeling sick and feeling crappy and dizzy and feeling generally sick, in complete absence of other psychiatric symptoms (be it because of zyprexa or whatever) a part of schizophrenia? or schizopaffective disorder that i might have? I have no access to schizophrenics now so i rely on you guys to answer this (want to talk to doc about this) but when i was in the hospital I saw people with all kind of issues but noone said i feel bad. they said i hear voices or one was very angry but no one seemed to feel literally sick. or maybe?


I’m guessing its the meds. Zyprexa makes me tired for a few hours so I take it before bed. But everyone is different. Abilify made me feel sick like you just mentioned. so I went back to Zyprexa. feeling sick and feeling crappy and dizzy and feeling generally sick, I would tell your psychiatrist. Finding what med is the best for you can be a real pain because the Dr.s are just make educated guesses on what to prescribe. Unfortunately, for some they have to put up with side effects because nothing works any better for them.

I think its the meds. As an example, Lamictal is causing skin sensitivity in me, and my eyes are dry and hurt a bit when I rub them. I get a runny nose and feel like ■■■■ many times. ■■■■ these meds, do they have to be toxic? I mean I cant live without them and can barely live with them.

No physical fever, no physical runny nose, but that ick feeling very well could be a med side effect. Have you looked at the list of possible side effects listed for the meds your on?

The side effects are usually listed on the website for the med your taking.

Also talk to your doctor on this one.

I have never thought about it being due to medication. but i had it before i got on medicatuin so i think it’s not. my question is still completely unanswered thou. I need to know, from people dealing with schizophrenia, whether it’s from the schizophrenia or bipolar ITSELF or not (not that i think you are doctors. i ask you about your experience with the illness. I have a bad feeling about this. and now I also have wrist pain without swelling. (like having an illness completely unrelated to schizophrenia)

I’m undifferentiated SZ and I have not had what you described happen to me. I do get physically cold and shiver when I’m swinging to negative emotions. But I haven’t had cold like symptoms from my Sz.

Elevated C-Reactive Protein and Erythrocyte Sed Rate are indications of inflammation and/or infection. Those lab tests are used primarily to diagnose inflammatory conditions like lupus or rheumatoid arthritis. I’ve never seen psych meds raise CRP or ESR before.

Definitely talk to you doctor about this feeling and your elevated lab results, as they could be a sign of a medical condition separate from mental illness.


Anthony, RN, BSN

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I would say lethargy - yes. Malaise - no.