Is Living easy with eyes closed?

This John Lennon lyric is always on my mind. For me it’s true, living is easier with eyes closed. I close my eyes too much and then I sleep too much. It’s a problem.

Depends on if you like having nosebleeds from walking face first into things all the time.


For me personally it would make no difference. It’s the hearing and thinking part I would like to stop.

I want to lie in a warm bed all day every day so much better than working I wonder if it really is slothfulness? I always want to close my eyes, it makes life easier. I don’t know why you don’t see this?

Because I’m not you. I’m me and I’m living a different life.


Perhaps Lennon meant it’s much easier to go about living life by turning a blind eye to the ills of the world.

Or maybe he really did mean sleeping one’s life away, who knows.

Before meds, I had a voice tell me to gouge my eyes out.

Thankfully, I did not listen.


The curse of Lennon!

I’m a drug addict and it sucks.

Close your eyes and have some pie :pie: :yum:

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Yeah, but the next line is, “Misunderstanding all you see.”

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