Is life really great for majority of people?

when i was a kid i thought life was wonderful. but it seems that everyone is in a bad situation. i can’t remember last time someone who never got bullied or their life was smooth sailing. is the president of a country really happy? i don’t think they have any secret or special power? so how they can live in luxury and live a powerful life where general population gets treated like crap? bill gates is keeping his success as long i can remember but in reality how can somebody keep up their success for so long? why don’t people bully bill gates? he is a pretty small guy anyways…why give people like him all those money and power not me?

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Bill Gates came from an upper class family where his father was a lawyer. Gates started Microsoft in 1975 during his early 20s after dropping out of Harvard University. The Windows operating system for personal computers was a monopoly where consumers had no other choice but to pay Microsoft for their software which is how Gates became one of the youngest billionaires during his time.

As for heads of states, most serve a limited term in years and must make decisions regarding their respective countries. They live a life of luxury but also a life of security since they are the leader of their country.

the president still have better life and than miserable general population. why not bully him? what stops people from abusing him or bill gates for so long?

They have money & power which is why its difficult to bully them.

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how come they meet so many general populations in meeting, speeches and such and still people don’t say anything to them? and they seem civilized and trying to get popular with people. it would make sense people don’t bully them or something in the old days because that would mean death sentence. but now they are all nice and civilized doesn’t make sense to last their success for more than day maybe. they don’t even know martial arts to defend themselves. why don’t random police or agents shoot them with a gun like in real life?

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They are the top echelon of the general population. The top 1% of all social classes. They are well protected and do not go to dangerous places where they would be shot. If you haven’t noticed, the top 1% of people don’t need to learn martial arts to defend themselves because they have a security team that protects them.

I’ve seen bill gates go to ted talk on you tube and I’ve seen trump and other president went to public places on TV. even bill gates went to many places to build his empire but nobody bullied him. i mean he was the perfect candidate for bullying. a nerdy weak short guy!

Gates has money and a business personality which is known to the world. Not many business people are bullied. No one cares if you are nerdy, weak and short as long as you are wealthy & famous.

i tried to be a business guy who was wearing suit. and people yelled at me when i was walking down the street! something doesn’t add up.

I’ve seen countless memes about those two. People bully them, just not to their face.

Insecure people will always pick on those who are different from them, even if that person is wearing a suit.

We don’t know that people in important jobs never got bullied. They could have been bullied earlier in life.

Life seems to be average for pretty much everyone, thanks to the “hedonic treadmill”, where people eventually get used to whatever life throws at them. There are ups and downs, but they are the exception, not the rule.

I can’t imagine getting used to schizophrenic voices though! Some stronger people than me on this forum have managed to make a living while hearing voices, and even gotten married, in spite of the voices! So, indominable willpower does make life better, it seems.

No, not at all.

Most people, and when I say most think of the entire world, live in poverty, without their basic needs covered.

Even so, people that live in developed countries can still have really BAD lives, think of people with diverse disorders.

You ask about having a great life, well, there are a certain group of people that have great lives, it’s the people with a high level of intelligence, in brief, the higher the intelligence, the better your problem solving skills, a person intelligent enough can solve virtually any problem, they play life in easy mode , they excel at everything, great life.


I was smart and highly successful but that does not make life great. Before sz I was dealing with bipolar, alcoholism, stress and depression.

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