Is life just one big game?

Is life just one big game?

what do you think?

  • yes
  • no
  • maybe

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Yes. A game. A dream. A play

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A Game of Thrones.


No. Life is not a game.

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If you treat it like one, maybe you wouldn’t be as invested and you might have more sucess, or maybe not.

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idk if it is, i dont think it is but it definitely has similarities

is this toilet humour? lol

what do you mean? which one? i wouldnt say it was a dream except when we sleep lol, the play reference sounds like something from the truman show

what makes you say that everhopeful?

idk what you mean by this, is it about taking things too seriously?

@chordy money definitely seems like a game, its hard to explain though
@Jonnybegood do you mean like governments and things?

I wish I could treat money like the game it is. I’m not good about money.

Life was not intended to be a game but society and hierarchy has made it kind of like one. Idk.

Anything where you die when you “lose” isn’t a game. :neutral_face:

I mean maybe life is a game. The universe isn’t a game but every life maybe It’s kinda like a game.

The big eye in the sky often has a chuckle at my expense.

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