Is lamictal or Geodon making me feel more crazy

I’m hallucinating and have an inner restlessness causing me anxiety. Like panicking.

What med did the doc take you off of? Because it’s quite possibly a withdrawal effect. If you hang with it, it’ll bleed off in a time. (Didn’t you just switch meds?)

I started Geodon but I’m still getting audio hallucinations. So I have to take some haldol because I can’t handle it.

Geodon and Lamictal can be activating - so it could be either one of them.

I would talk to your pdoc about how you are feeling.

How long have you been on these medications? And has the doctor recently adjusted the dose for either?

For a month with Geodon, lamictal I started out with low dose.

It could easily be lamictal. I’ve heard of lamictal inducing psychosis in people before while starting it. I’ve read that these symptoms can be temporary though, so hopefully you’ll get used to the med and the side effectes you’re currently experiencing willl go way.

I don’t know much about Geodon, so I can’t comment on it.

Lamictal made me Manic - for sure.

I am no longer taking it.

Topamax made me psychotic and paranoid. I’m guessing they’re similar. You’re on a low dose of geodon, which I’ve read is activating.

Stop taking haldol right now

You might die on both Geodon and haldol.

Geodon must be taken twice a day with a full meal including fats (lipid solubility) because without the lipids and 400 cal it will make you punch drunk feeling and take a nap then be gone from your system in 8 hours.

Further, you must be on a minimum of 80mg of Geodon per day or else you aren’t schizophrenic. I take 120, max dose being 160. Taking more than the max dose is reckless, as the drug can cause heart problems, technically it prolongs the QT interval, the electric pulse of your heart. Taking haldol on top of it can really really screw with the QT interval and well then you might die.

Haldol or Geodon, not both. You report lots of auditory hallucinations, so I think you should be on 120mg of Geodon like I am.

Be prepared for side effects. You may have to take meds for the med. Good luck

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What about Risperdal and Geodon? I take 2 mg of Risperdal and just got prescribed 20 mg of Geodon twice daily. After I get my EKG and get the go ahead, I will be taking 80 mg of Geodon twice daily and stopping Risperdal.

Same problem.

Okay, so Geodon has a huge list of other psycho meds it majorly interacts with- I remember a ridiculously long list in the fifth edition of Surviving Schizophrenia.

Some pdocs aren’t even aware.

You don’t want to die.

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I think this Geodon is too activating for me. I’m ready to quit my job, because I can’t handle it…

Thanks mouse. I brought it up to my pharmacist and she is going to call my doctor. She wouldn’t give me the meds. Probably didn’t want to get sued if I got a heart attack.

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Low doses of Geodon are stimulating for us! How much are you taking?

60mg twice a day. I feel like I was going to have a nervous breakdown.

how is the 60 twice a day working? What’s it like so far?

Almost had a nervous breakdown at work today. I was going to walk out and quit.

are you nervous or just psychotic, which is making you nervous? Are you caught up in the vicious cycle of anxiety and psychosis or is this anxiety generalized?

I’m hearing ■■■■ and have thoughtbroadcadting and a restless nervous feeling.