Is Lady Luck real?


I play a lot of poker and have come to believe there is some entity that controls luck. I assume it’s called lady luck (the spirit which does this). You have to appease her by acknowledging her when you win or she’ll play tricks with your cards and stuff. Course she always plays tricks with the cards, like good cards show up on your flop when you fold and things like that. I’ve definitely noticed some sort of presence while playing cards and it determines how you are going to do that night.


I don’t know about Lady Luck, but I know that luck is real. I’ve seen it happen.


I think you have to be sort of happy go lucky about it.


It helps to not need her…but want her, Just not to much.


I believe in Karma, you may change the name but it’s still the same entity…Every thing is going according to rules in this life.


I believe in what we call luck, but there are many names for it i think.

Things do really just fall into our laps sometimes, it’s “luck”, but has an explanation and has several different names, some would call it cause and effect, it’s all the same though.


Luck is luck. No one realy controls it I think. It happens randomly. It’s a concept .But I believe two things: One: you can take certain steps to improve your chances of something lucky happening to you.You can stack the odds in your favor…And Two: You can take advantage of luck.You can be open to the fact that luck comes at any time. When it comes, pounce on it and use it to the best of your ability.


if you see ’ lady luck’ tell her she owes me !
take care


Over all we are among the unlucky once, we cary a severe illness.