Is Juneteenth now a Federal Holiday?

My psych clinic will be open, but I got a notice from my bank that they will be closed Monday. Have you heard anything about this?

My fiancée’s getting paid double for working today at Starbucks.

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Thanks @cdwithdcs 1515

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Yes, it is @ElGato .

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Thanks @Bowens 15

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Im glad i think it is a very important day for americans.

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Why was that closed or whatever? Lol :v:

Theres no reason to bring up Nazis or blessing them on a Juneteenth thread.

it was improper grammar though i should have had at period when the first sentence ended. Peace :v: haave a great day!

I didnt bless the nazis. Ooooh maybe i did well i was talking about how we are all human no matter what sorry for thee confusion! I have a complex immaculate empathy. Im a bulldog at humanizing things even if i hate them !

All good :+1: enjoy the rest of your evening!

Then pay attention to what you’re typing next time. Especially with such a post.

Your lovely take care :slightly_smiling_face:

Ive been beefing with and anaylizing the nazis for a long time actually im an expert at this i smell nazis from millions of miles away. Dont worry :partying_face:

@matthewj I suggest you read the updated forum rules. As of right now you’re breaking at least two rules. Arguing with a mod and spam posting.


Your probably and most accurately thee smartest mod on here and my personal favorite! Enjoy your evening!! Your doing great ! :partying_face:

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