Is juggling a lost art?

I was looking at the thread titled, “A random fact about you that everybody would be surprised at.” (not just me personally, anybody). I almost wrote, “I used to be able to juggle four tennis balls at the same time.” When I was in sixth grade my mom once said she would give a dollar to the first person who learned how to juggle out of me or either of my sisters.
My sisters and my parents went to church that day and I practiced juggling three tangerines for hours and by the time they got home I had taught myself how to juggle and later I won the dollar. And after hours and days of practicing I taught myself how to juggle four tennis balls at once easily.

But I just realized I haven’t seen anyone juggle in more than 10 years, possibly 15.
In the seventies it was really popular. You saw juggling acts on talk shows like Johnny Carson, or Merv Griffen or variety special shows. You couldn’t walk past certain tourists spots in San Francisco without seeing a street performer juggling. You would see jugglers in movies or TV shows.

Now: nothing. Juggling was pretty cool actually. I used to show off to my friends. They tried to copy me but they never got the hang of it until I taught them. And then we used to do it whenever we got the opportunity.

And we used to go to the beach one or two times a week and we would lay out all our stuff and then smoke a little pot and show off juggling to the people around us. Me and one friend even got so we could stand face to face a few feet apart and juggle 5 tennis balls between us. It looked pretty neat. I don’t see it anymore.


You possess a skill I have never been able to master! I can just about juggle one ball, if you can even call it that.


this guy couldnt even wash his car.

thy art of juggling is a rarified skill


I can juggle 5 tennis bowls whilst typing this message.


I never learned past 3 balls, and I only did it badly, but I saw how it might be fun for some people.

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Yuck, I’d hate to be the one to use a tennis court right after you just played on it.

You’re right I should stick to balls

I read in a book one time that learning to juggle is one of the best ways to become really proficient on the piano. Of course, I don’t know how to juggle. Not in the least. I have no depth perception to speak of so, I would probably be just terrible at it.

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I think people just don’t find it that entertaining. It’s like a minor party trick.

This has got to be an infomercial.

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I often say about life-" If I knew I was going to grow up and work at the circus I would have learned to juggle". Pretty much describes my life at work!

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