Is it wrong to want to be a creator?

Is it wrong to think about creating things to be a God?

What do you mean by being a god?

Create my own reality and have inhabitants that follow rules kind of like physics but still have free will and a greater plan but just different then the world we live in now a little more upbeat and fun. Or just create things like art or buildings or music like be a God of this world cause isn’t anyone who creates and destroys sort of divine.

Look, I’ve been living with the god delusion for quite some time now, and like a friend told me: “Create me a universe and I’ll believe you” …

I found that it’s better to try and like being human, even if you don’t like this reality, try and learn how to enjoy it. It’s a wonderful reality. The inevitabilties are part of the experience and if we waste too much time on delusions we miss out on a lot, especially when we are able to choose between the two.


I take great pleasure in creating as well, mundane things as writing and music. Expression is great, things become more real when put out there in the public world.

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It is not wrong, it is an expression of your will to create. But I agree with Minnii, we are humans, we should learn to love being human (but not so much that we do not want to create that which is better than the human).


Yeah, maybe it was too close to home.

Creation is fine, I write and paint to express my creative needs. I also enjoy dreaming a lot.


Nothing wrong with that.

I feel that I missed a lot of my life by living in my own realty. I lived the world inside of my head and ignored the life outside my head.

It’s hard realizing that I wasn’t special… I wasn’t tapped for a master plan.

I have an easier time living a simple life and staying connected to the world.

Good luck and I hope all goes well.

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