Is it worth it to still see a psychiatrist if not on meds?

I haven’t been on meds for almost a year. I had one serious psychotic/manic episode last year and had to go inpatient. Despite not being on meds, I’ve still been meeting with a psychiatrist every couple months. My insurance situation is changing and this will be pretty expensive (up to $1k per appointment until I meet my deductible). Is it worth it to still have these appointments?

Maybe you can see a psych nurse instead if you live in united states but it might be worth it just in case you relapse and need to go back on meds

I’ll continue to see mine after I taper off meds.

What do you plan to discuss with them? With mine I honestly can’t remember much that has been useful from these last few appointments. Just kind of “yeah, I’m fine, still don’t want meds”. In my case the money might be better spent on a therapist, I think.

Whatever she wants to discuss, or any problems I feel are worth discussing. I’m Canadian, so I don’t pay out of pocket for psychiatrist visits. I also think I’m a bit of a collectable to her.


Physically i am healthy, but still see my general practitioner regularly for maintenance. I got bad asthma but the medication for this health issue is sorted out.

I don’t get to see my doctor. Everything is done by proxy through my case manager

The doctor/patient relationship is non-existent

When I was being put on new meds earlier this year, there was zero monitoring by a doctor.

I did get to speak to the pharmacist but that was it.

No follow up

Guess what, they all blame Covid

I think it’s definitely worth having a psychiatrist but at $1000 a session, that’s way too much if you can’t afford it.

I would try to get insurance.

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I live in the US and have never heard of a dr charging $1,000 per visit.

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This is actually with insurance. I have a high deductible health plan. I live in a pretty expensive part of the country.

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thats a lot of money

but if you quit all together and then have an episode it could be upto a year or more to see another pdoc for meds again

can you call your insurance and ask for a payment plan thats what i had to do with my meds

good luck hope it works out

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This is alien to me being British.

U.S healthcare system is truly a joy. I’ve personally seen people running away from an ambulance because they can’t afford it …

Our current issue is that all of our ambulances from our town get sucked into the nearby city. There is a low cost for ambulance services (covered by my insurance), but the point is moot if you can’t get one for twelve hours.

You don’t get a bill for health care or psychiatrists in my province, but actually getting access to the health care at all is the hard part. The care is pretty good if you live long enough to get help.