Is it worse in the heat?

when I was diagnosed with Sz, it was after a great deal of stress, and/or after a long bike ride in the heat.

MG organization website says MG is worse in the heat, for me, I’m psychotic after a long hot bike ride

that worsen myasthenic symptoms are emotional upset, systemic illness
(especially viral respiratory infections), hypothyroidism or
hyperthyroidism, pregnancy, the menstrual cycle, drugs affecting
neuromuscular transmission, and increases in body temperature. - See
more at:

see, I argue that antipsychotics make me feel worse. Like this implies, if a drug changes the neurotransmission, like haldol, haldol froze my face solid, then they wanted to give me cogentin to unfreeze my face.

well, if my immune system has taken all the aceycholine away, and my face muscles are freezing from that MG problem anyhow, the pdoc bastards are making it worse with their antipsychotics. and then I’m trapped in the damn hospital, with these freaks making my symptoms worse, I’ve never been so angry in my life. but then if I get angry because nobody is listening to me, I get more haldol , see how pissed off I am over what’s happened… I have to sit there quiety, finger paint in group and get my ass out of there, what a ■■■■ experience this has been , see fwhy i’m so motivated to figure this out on my own, I’d bike across the united states if I had to to prove it :slight_smile:

no, I don’t think psychiatrists are any good, they look at you 10 minutes and prescribe a drug, didn’t run any tests, I kept saying my eye had a problem or I was tingling, they ignored that, or wrote it down as a halucination. my god, take the acetycholine out of your body, see how much sense you make, damn it. the whole process is screwed up, because that’s the process, it’s just a big mess I think.

I’m sorry that things have gone badly for you. Have you ever tried Cogentin for some of your side effects? My brother took it too for Multiple Sclerosis twitching.