Is it weird to sometimes miss the voices?

I have went two days without hearing any voices. I am mostly happy about that because it means this new med is a success. But I also miss the voices because they kept me distracted from my own thoughts. Now I got to think about stuff and my brain is a big time analyser.


I think it is somewhat ‘normal’ for one of us to miss the voices, but I would try my hardest to prevent myself from trying to hear them again.

I had got rid of the voices a few times, but began to ‘miss’ them or just wanted to see if I could hear them to test out my sanity and it was a huge mistake every time.

Just try and keep in mind how negative they are and how badly the have impacted your life. That should help.

Thank you so much @mightymike. I definitely need to keep in mind the negative impact that the voices have on me.

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No problem. What med on you on?

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Just started a trial 2 days ago for ITI-007. Definitely been helping my positive symptoms more than the abilify that I was on before.

I had the voices gone for a few months before the drug failed. I did not handle the loneliness of having the voices gone well and ended up trying to reconnect with a bunch of people I barely knew and became socially unacceptable due to my changed personality. I had been with the voices for 22 years and simply couldn’t adjust to the new reality. So i accepted the probable lie that I would have to live with the voices the rest of my life rather than go through that again I’m sorry to say. I don’t want to discourage you from continuing to be voice free because your case may be different. It sounds wonderful to be reading again, and if you are young enough you may be more likely to turn out OK. Maybe the new drug you are on will be what many people with schizophrenia will be looking for. Every case is different and I hope you handle it better than I did.


Did you just talk to your pdoc about it or did your pdoc recommend it. Is this an easy drug to get in North America?

Have you tried clozapine? Did it have any effect on you?

iti-007 is still under clinical trials. I have another post about it that has more detail. The doctors talked to my PDOC for me. No I have not tried clozopine.

I recently saw my psychiatrist and had a conversation similar to this with him. He said it’s not unusual at all to kind of miss the voices or maybe some of the things that went on, although it can be hell when it’s happening…

About a year and a half ago, my voices disappeared completely. I still miss the friendly ones, but I’m much happier without the negative ones.

How long is the clinical trial for?

I am so glad I am not alone with this feeling. Thanks for sharing with me :grinning:

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I am glad to hear that you are much happier. This is great news! Trial is one year long. Only on day two so lots of time to still improve. :grinning:


My voices order me to kill myself - so - no - I don’t miss them at all.

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It’s wonderful that ITI 007 works for you, @Saywhaat. I’m glad for you.

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It’s common to miss voices. I wouldn’t worry. You’ll soon get used to the voices not being there and you’ll be able to get on with your life and enjoy it, for once.

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I miss them too. now I am lonely…

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Im scared of losing most of my voices. I care about them.


It’s kind of like a relationship break up. You forget the bad and remember the good… you get curious about what they are doing.

But having them around is so much worse for me. They’re like a bad ex so good riddance!

Sometimes it gets too quiet in my head and it bothers me. In a weird way the silence is loud, kind of like white noise. I can’t explain it, but it bothers me a lot. I think that’s why I like to listen to music so often or have the tv on or both. I just feel more at home with the noise going on.

This is the perfect analogy. The voices definitely are like a bad ex. Lol. I will look at them this way from now on.