Is it weird that I was aware of developing psychosis?

I think it’s unusual because most people aren’t self-aware

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I don’t think it’s a black and white situation. Less usual, maybe. Have you told anyone, regarding the delusions?

Yes I told about them in Feb 2020 to a doctor who chose to admit me to a ward (but only for a day)

I can feel when im about to be delusional: mild hallucinations and being midly paranoid. You can usually go pass it and dont become fully delusional, but sometimes you become delusional

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I’ve never hallucinated if those ”hearing your name called” stuff arent real hallus

I just tend to notice when I’m being paranoid

Ahhh, I see. Im on 15mg of abiify now. I used to be aware of being watched and listened to by anything with a screen. It impacted everything. At the moment I am aware of it, but don’t let it hold significance or importance in my life.

Sometimes I get the feeling of being observed just when I see a shiny surface. But, I am able to push the thought away.

It’s a good think to be aware. I’ve been warned that I won’t always retain the ability to be aware though, by my GP.


Is the abilify working for u? I’m on the injection

Yeah it is in a way because I knew very little about psychosis until it was almost completely there

Yes, it’s having a positive effect. I have been on 30mg before, which carried too many side effects.

I tried to explain to my old therapist, it’s like I’m bilingual. I have a lot of words that don’t get shared. Theres stuff going on, but I know people don’t agree.

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On haldol i barely have suspicious thoughts. I rarely become weireded out a bit, but dont get the intense feeling of fear anymore


When they put me on antidepressants , I became aware of psychosis but lost all insight as time went on.

i gues some are aware of it and others aren’t. I know i wasn’t aware of it and it took a lot of years till they send me to the psych ward first time and they dx-ed me there. But it took a long time to accept the dx and realise something was really wrong.

At the beginning I am always aware of psychosis but the more I go without meds the more I lose that awareness and get deeper in my delusions.

I was aware of mine. Made it really hard to get help, because I kept being told that “if I thought I had psychosis, it meant that I didn’t have psychosis”. I had to get really bad before pdocs started to believe me

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