Is it unusual for psychotic patients

I’ve been somewhat stable in terms of my mental state for a long time, and for about a year I’ve been treated by a nurse practitioner for meds instead of a psychiatrist… I’m wondering if I’ll be required to look for a psychiatrist at some point…

I don’t work currently, and really don’t think I’d be capable of it after all the trying and failing. I want to improve, but I don’t think it’s possible to pursue that improvement inside an office or grocery store.

But I’m a bit worried that I haven’t been told to see a doctor as well, they haven’t hinted toward any such thing. Also my medicaid has been in limbo for some years (I don’t get it, basically, so get a copay for stuff like meds for a while now, although I’m alright with that.). I wonder if they’re holding out on assigning a doctor to me or if some change occurred internally to where they don’t have doctors on staff.

I guess I should give them a call tomorrow.


That is pretty normal yeah.

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It never hurts to ask questions. No crime in asking, esp when it’s for your own good. If I were you, I’d call them up.

Don’t worry about not working if you have enough to live on. If you’re uncomfortable working, then probably it’s best if you live on your benefits.


@Coldcomfort, your Nurse practitioner works directly under a psychiatrist. Everything she does and every medication she orders has to be approved by a psychiatrist. She’s not working alone. So, don’t fret. The government approves of her and her attending psychiatrists work.


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