Is it typical for a Doctor to ask you to return in a months time when he learns that you struggle with low mood and social anxiety?

Furthermore we reduced the dosage on my antipsychotic to 5mg. I told him that I had joined a support group for social anxiety and that I would rather not take the medication route to contend with my depression…

I think that is the usual routine time period given for people to check back in and report any problems.

most places take walk-ins or will think if there is a problem the patient will in the least call the clinic.

He may think from your wish to discontinue medicine, that you are relating that your problems are not that bad. If you are not seeing someone, him or a consellor, on a weekly basis, well, there is no reason for a more frequent visit.

if you need something, call them.

I’m glad you were honest with them about your low moods. You did the right thing :sunny:

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i had a hard time a few months ago with my mood usually if i am doing good he doesn’t want to see me except for every three months but if i am having problems he usually wants to see me sooner. my doctor said to me to come in tuesday a few weeks ago. for mood problems. now i am having problems with psychosis. i think depending on how you are doing they figure you are doing okay.

the pdoc i go to is only available tuesdays the rest of the week he is at another office

5mg is not a large dose so perhaps he wanted to be sure you are coping OK.

Usually when docs make a med adjustment they then ask to see you in a month so the medication has time to work. Many meds you won’t see effect in for some time. However if you just lowered your AP dosage I think that’s sort of poor judgment on his part because you don’t know if you’re going to have your symptoms come back or not and things could go downhill fast so you should be being monitored.

I guess he figures that if anything goes wrong you will reach out to him. That’s what my pdoc does, he sets our appts for a month apart but tells me if anything bad happens I am free to make one earlier and I have done so before.

I see my pdoc every month. I dunno if it’s because of all the medication changes, but it seems like that’s how it’s always been with psychiatrists.