Is it true that

Is it true that everyone is fighting a hard battle?

How can we know this for sure?


I heard this before

I reakon the grass is NOT always greener on the other side’’ as they say

Id reakon 50% of the popualtion of the world are fighting a battle we know noting off

We could be standing next to someone who is struggling and heartbroke and we’d know noting about it

We can’t see feelings

That is why they say be nice to everyone you meet


I’m really not sure.

I’ve tried to connect with someone through the universal thought that we all struggle

They said “I don’t struggle, life is amazing”

Then again I think she was under exaggerating her issue cuz it was an IOP and she later complained of problems in her life.

Maybe she just didn’t like that notion. But I’ve heard life is suffering from buddha.

I don’t think everyone struggles totally but everyone fights hard battles. Just some on lesser scales than others. Also pain is greatly perceptual.


In my experiences, no.

Often I find people who have given up the battle, succumb and dwell.

Some don’t understand a hard battle relative to their own perceptions.

Can it be hard? Of course. Do we all have our journey? Of course. But giving up to the idea that we all suffer all the time, and need suffering to define our character? Perhaps we don’t need that one.


I doubt everyone is fighting a hard battle but most people are fighting a battle of some kind I know alot of people would look at my life and say I have it really easy and its true that I am very fortunate but I still struggle pretty badly everyday with mental health problems


I find that those who say I have it easy cos I’m on benefits and not working are pretty naive, unaware.

If I felt I couldn’t work for life that is not something I’d personally be happy about so it’s not really having it easy.


A lot of people who is recovering from mental illness, goto social workers and therapies and psychiatrists to reach their idiosyncratic goals and values…

A lot of it is to take control of their anxiety, symptoms to increase their capability for social interactions…

To go back to WORK. That’s what a lot of people put their life values in.

So being on a disability definitely is challenging to some, it may take people’s self confidence away and a sense of belonging… so itself is tough mentally. For those who are on benefits.

So don’t worry about those who’s says different.


The reason I asked the question is because there’s a quote



I think it is fair to assume that most people are.

Of course, there are also people that have it really easy, but why focus on them?


no i am not focusing on them

it is just i find this quote makes sense above

but if someone is not fighting a hard battle, i can’t relate to them

i find i am more confident around those that i can relate to


Most seem to have at some point if my own acquaintances are anything to go by.

We won’t until telepathy becomes a thing.


I think nearly everyone has something tough that they’re dealing with.

It’s best not to judge by appearances. You can see a man in an Armani suit but we don’t know if he just got laid off his job, or if he’s dealing with a gambling addiction.

Of course struggles are different for everyone. I think it’s impossible to measure human suffering though.

I’ve heard of some kids committing suicide because their parents got divorced. Yet people from war torn countries who literally had bombs fall on their homes find a will to survive.

I suppose it all boils down to the testament of the human spirit.


This is for normies. But for schizophrenic there is such a hard struggle that our primary organ brain is out of control. And we can see our lives are suffering to a handicapped. Meds are helpful with side-effects but no cure.


i think everyone in life be it normies or sick people is fighting a hard battle.

life spares no one.

life is tough and thats the sad truth

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I agree with you I’m really unhappy that I’m not working right now not to mention poor but I am hopeful about the new medications that are coming out I also think that most people don’t understand our illness and how hard it is

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I agree with AKu. This is not for szics. Mentally ill and mentally disabled ppl generally have it much worse than normies.

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Not for all. Some of us do well in spite of SZ and ongoing positive and negative symptoms. The disabilities I have are more physical in nature these days.


It depends on symptoms severity. Some have less negative symptoms and some have more.

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I’m still grieving my dad I guess that’s normal but everyone has their issues.


Yea we have normies problems plus mental illness problems so its harder than normies.

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