Is it true that

You cant hear what’s being said if there’s concrete in-between the ceiling,(floor).?

They’re hiring someone to harm me.

Are you taking your meds?


Yes I am. I just want to know if concrete is to where you cant hear

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You’re safe, regardless of the commotion. Brain is glitching out and thinking people are talking about you when they probably don’t know you.

Concrete is not totally soundproof, but it helps.


I really doubt you would be able to make out what they’re saying, though concrete. I really don’t think what you’re hearing is them talking. If they were trying to hire someone to harm you, which I assure you they are not, they would lower their voices to where you wouldn’t hear it at all. These are hallucinations.


Usually when someone tries to hire a hitman, that so-called hitman is an undercover cop, and those people end up doing serious prison time. No one is going to risk that to take you out. You are fine; you are safe.


Apartments builders are too cheap to use good material- let alone enough material to provide a quiet comfortortable space.
Besides, sounds travel all to well around anyplace where people live too close.

It’s possible the neighbor said it.
but only because it bothers you so much.

Reality is, if he had that kind of money- killing someone isn’t cheap-
he #1, wouldn’t be living there,
and #2, would have spent it all on drugs instead.

You’re safe for now, unless he wins the lottery.

ok, no wait, what have you done to these guys to justify them killing you?
Why do you think they have that much hate for you that they’d spend all that recycling money from alluminum cans they find,
on you?

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This just made me laugh :rofl: thank you hold on I got to finish laughing

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They’re on drugs. Which consists of moving furniture. Oh boy …can you make me laugh again please🤣

They’re doing things like moving ■■■■ around so we’d move out

Why are you so certain they are on drugs? Do you have actual evidence of this?

They wouldn’t move furniture around to get you to move out.

I can’t tell you how I know .

Of course I think everyone is after me. I’m an idiot.

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We spoke in another thread about you changing pdocs. Are you gonna pursue that? Maybe get one that will work with you and get you on some meds that work?

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Yes. November 16th.

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That’s good. Hope that goes well for you!

I’ll be in the hospital before the end of the year.

Maybe not. Maybe a change in your medication can get you into a better place mentally and you won’t have to go.

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I really hope so. This is mentally exhausting. Be nice to not gaf… it’ll throw me under a train.

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Upstairs neighbor had one of their friends to walk by my window and call me gay.