Is it true that schizoaffective disorder is a severe form of schizophrenia?

The Psychiatrist William H. Reid who assessed James Holmes the Colorado movie theatre shooter who killed 12 people back in 2012 has said that ‘‘Holmes was mentally ill at the time of the killings diagnosed with Schizoaffective disorder - a severe form of Schizophrenia’’

Do you think Schizoaffective is regarded worse than schizophrenia or is on pair?

The website I found that is can be found here.

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Sza is supposed to have a slight better prognosis than sz and slight worse one than bipolar. I don’t think sza is any worse than sz. It all depends on the individual person.


According to most experts out there, Schizoaffective is a milder disorder than schizophrenia.

I think it varies.


It had a better prognosis, but it’s also kind if a double whammy. It’s mood plus psychosis. I wouldn’t say blanket statement it’s worse, though. It depends on the person.


He looks like a completely different person now.

It’s generally regarded as milder and somewhere between bipolar and schizophrenia (i.e. “not quite schizophrenia”). But of course, this is not always the reality for each person afflicted. And there are definitely milder forms of schizophrenia, too.

I read somewhere that the diagnosis was introduced to bridge the gap between bipolar and schizophrenia. Because the lines between these three disorders are blurry at best, it is a controversial diagnosis.


there isnt a type of schizophrenia that isnt severe


I guess it depends if you respond to medication.

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I don’t think he was saying it was more severe, just that it’s a form of schizophrenia that is still very severe (making the point that it’s not just some flu flu diagnosis although schizophrenia might be harder)

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Both disorders operate on a spectrum. Severity depends on where you are on the spectrum. So to clarify you would have to compare worse case scenario schizophrenia to worse case scenario schizoaffective. At that point it’s like comparing apples.


Just because it’s called affective it doesn’t mean it’s severe. The truth is that they just added severe b/c the disorder is associated with depression.

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Depends on the expert. Some feel that schizoaffective should be classified as schizophrenia with a co-disorder or several co-disorders.

Sz or sza? At first I thought sza is more severe cos theyre both sz in their name but sza also has bipolar added to it. No?

But yes I see that there’s a spectrum for either conditions.

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