Is it true that if I am not friend with the voices they cannot hurt me?

and if they pretend to be a family member and I disown that family member, they voices coming from them will stop too?

I prefer to be unemotional about my voices. Like, if I don’t bother them, they’l go away. I know that can be difficult to do since they know all the triggers, but it’s worth a try.

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Your voices cannot hurt you because they are thoughts in your head that you happen to actually hear due to messed up brain chemistry. That is why people who hear voices should probably be on meds.

If I understand you correctly, if you disown a real family member because of a voice that sounds like the family member in your head, you’re not being fair to the family member. The family member is not the same thing as the voice in your head. Keep them separate and don’t blame one for the other.


You don’t have to be friends or enemies with the voices they cannot hurt you.

Also no don’t disown your actual real life family members because a voice sounds like them. That’s probably not going to fix anything and also it’s not fair to the real person cause they didn’t do anything


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