Is it the meds or is it psychosis?

i dont know if this is a delusion but ever since i started taking aps objects and walls dont look the same
like everything is distorted

You might be having a bad reaction to your meds. Call your doctor as soon as you can and tell them about your symptoms.

Could that be it? I feel fine be it that way

Every med affects every brain differently. It could be the meds or the psychosis, but if your symptoms got worse after starting the meds, your doctor needs to know.

I will definitely let them know but is it not too late to tell them next appointment or… this is something I have said to them before at past appointments and they definitely do know already.

I will consider calling them tomorrow

How long has it been going on for? If it was me, I would call my doctor right away. They might not do anything, but at least they would be informed. Sometimes they like to wait two months, until the med is fully in your system.

I’ve had it for 2 years and it bugs the cr@p out of me. But i kept telling myself “its normal” or something like that. Yes yes I had no insight until It was unbearably on my mind all day. Yes yes the drugs took awhile for me to get adjusted to them for my body and before I labelled this as derealization.

If you’ve been on the same med for two years and your symptoms are still there, it might be time to ask about trying something new anyways. Do you feel better overall on this med, or is the derealization too problematic? I know derealization can be dangerous for me, because I become convinced I’m dreaming and nothing I do has consequences.

Yes I have improved in all fields with this med except the derealization area. I am symptom-free on this med.minus the one, Hmm I had this on olanzapine first and still on the abilify so I think the problem might not lie in the meds. So if its psychosis it could have worsened, My derealization has improved to the point that I am no longer feeling like i’m in a dream just in reality like it was before illness.I remember it used to be constantly a battle for me daily like was that guy there or not??? but Its like oh yeah thats definitely real.

Well that doesn’t sound so bad. Maybe just wait until your next visit then. I thought you had just switched meds and then experienced worsening derealization.

I appreciate the concern allthesame,

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