Is it the illness?

most days are like thunder and lightning outside and its sunny out im saying most days are bad. some few are good. idk wut to blame. my dad says they arent magic pills so idk. i try and walk as much as i can. i try and eat good but it just feels like rainy days all the time. like in a 2 week span maybe i have 3 decent days 1 good day then the rest are just not good


Yes, it’s the illness. My paranoia comes and goes as well. Some days are good others bad. Last weekend I went camping with my mom and sister in the Olympics, did hiking, and warmed up in hot springs and after my days were good.

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Thats awesome dude… i think my biggest problem is i sit in my apartment 95 percent of the time… i try and walk everyday but these diabetes pills im on i kinda have trouble getting off the coucn they make me very lazy… i still walk tho…, paranoi with me to like really bad sometimes

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I can relate. I stay home a lot. I live with my mom and we try to take walks daily. Walking helps with depression/anxiety but dang, it can be hard to do if you’re a bit depressed already haha.

Yep. It’s the illness. I hear you for sure.

I have maybe a good day and then can have bad days too that seem to just come along too.

But then I can have a decent day or at least a just ok day too.

Stress really makes me get paranoia though or the negative voice themes and severe anxiety (I have anxiety disorder too).

Oh and I walk too on our treadmill. It really helps me.