Is it that bad?


Having people put thoughts in my head, as a result I have people wanting to kill me, They put intrusuve thoughts and images in my mind, then I have people listening to them or maybe worse seeing them, but mostly it is the wrong people, they don’t understand


I have a cousin who wants to kill me. I hear his voice saying so. All my voices are of real people. I believe I can be cured cus of this it’s a imbalance in people’s head.


Sorry about that @Grapes, it must be frightening, I feel the whole world is judging me and a lot of people are after me. I don’t know them but I wish I knew then I can file a police report.


They wouldn’t believe you. I’d file a police report against my cousin but what evidence do I have that I was hearing voices. I’d like to believe my cousin isn’t really trying to kill me but he’s killed before i heard them in the voices. Voices can be very real when dealing with real people. Yours seem more like delusions, mine are with real people I know. Always has been.


I would like to get evidence, before it gets worse.


I feel like it is so many people sometimes.


You might want to address the ‘its not real thing’ on this one @see121. You dont want bad thoughts like that going through your head.