Is it Telepathy? :D

I can ask anyone, if your deductive faculties and deductive information is coming from other people, but it’s really your deductive thoughts and feelings from yourself, and that deductive information says or does something just like what you are thinking, are you somehow magic? Do you mind meld with people or things?

And the answer is no.

I’ll put that question in another way. If your brain tells you what you are thinking, then are you magic, telepathic, supernatural, rich, and famous now?

Do you see the problem? Our brains are trained to assume that what we are thinking is coming from someone or something else? That’s simply a confusion about the source of deductive information in our minds and what is the difference between deductive information vs. inductive information. One comes from within, and one comes from exterior of the brain.

When I say that your roomy is “rifting,” I mean that he is conversing with his deductive mind information as if it were someone or something else that is socialitic in nature.

I’ll end this with a thought to think about which all sz’s should consider?

The brain can make one personality comprised of graphical information we call our mind, so what’s to say that it can’t make more than one?

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