Is it so hard to recover on the thinking?

I really didn’t think for years… My doc was saying, that my mind is occupied with mostly paranoid thoughts… How was your recovery on this? Me, I still think that it can take me around 10 years to recover, cause I remained ill for 20 years… or am I wrong? Its not happening like this?

It really depends on 3 things

The right meds.

The right clinicians. Your pdoc, therapist, case worker etc.

If you’re good with those,

You. You have to try until it works, or you get as well as you are able.

Good luck.

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When I work on something interesting I find it’s easier to ignore delusions / hallucinations. Maybe it’s time to find a cool hobby / home business.


I find that true, to a certain point. For breakthrough psychosis, if I catch it in time, I take my prn haldol. When it’s too late for that, I just try to concentrate on one thing. Sometimes I fail at that, but I try. Sometimes, I call a friend, family, or the crisis line.

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Try to focus on something productive instead of paranoia.

One thing could be washing dishes, making a list, etc, or even smoking cigs. I wish I was functioning at a higher level, but, when that happens, I crumble, sometimes. Thanks for the reply.

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