Is it sin that causes disease?

Because if it is, immunizing everyone is calling everyone a sinner who needs protecting - or excusing. Maybe we’d be better off if we just let our sin kill us. We’d be a stronger species.

If you’re asking for opinions I would say no. Because if sins caused disease than 95% of the people on this planet (excluding babies or young kids) would be ill.

We’d be extinct lol.

I think it’s more common for disease to cause sin.


Mankind has always sinned greatly. Times of war. Terrorism. When obligation to be good false to the wayside many people wind up doing things they wouldn’t have otherwise.

There are great sinners in all our bloodlines. Powerful people who thought they deserved to do things that others were not allowed to do. It’s sad but those same sinners are what pulled us through.

We descend from rapists and murderers. I’m surprised we do as well as we do. If it was purely a battle between the sinners and the virtuous I’d have no doubt that the sinners would win. That’s why we have law.

It’s a real mess.

Beyond that though there is no direct and guaranteed connection between sin and mental illness. Mental illness is more a sign of weakness in what can be a harsh and confusing world. The confusions that beset us could be accessed by anyone, in most cases they certainly are, but we have an inborn susceptibility to externalize the internal. To further muddy our experiences by confusing the bridge between us, our perception, and the world outside.

I may have done wrong in the past, but I wouldn’t consider it a sin. If thinking is a crime, then this isn’t a world I’d like to live in.

To say it is sin that caused this is a measure of denial. I know not the nature of your experience chordy, but SZ occurs for no good reason at all. It just is. Like a cleft palettes and all the other mutations common to the human species. The universe is not perfect nor fair. It is not your fault. You should not feel that you are a sinner, you shouldn’t guilt yourself.

There are people who have done far worse than you out there. In every direction.

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My pdoc seemed to hint that mental illness was guilt caused. I ignored him until life got rough and I could get no help. That is what opened the door to my sins. But, I think I inherited attitudes that led to bad behavior. We really are limited and the world likes to kick around those who get ahead to make sure there is equality to everyone.

No. Not at all. I was told by my parents that I received hallucinations, because I was not believing and getting forgiveness for my sins. I could pray all I wanted, but in the end, it didn’t go away. Thus, it is not sins. We are strong because we’ve made it through thousands of years of natural selection.

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In some religion immunization is a sin. The idea of immunizations wasnt covered in any books of religions that were made thosands of years ago so the main point is mute.

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Before sin there was no genetic error, no disease, and no death. Although all of us could point to specific sin today that can be directly linked to specific diseases, there are huge numbers of people who suffer from genetic error and disease who did nothing to cause it (John 9). So the answer is yes, our ancestor who brought sin into the world also brought genetic error, disease, and death to us through sin, but the fact that we suffer from disease doesn’t mean that we directly did anything to cause it.
Considering those suffering with SZ, the only benefits I see for focusing on a cause would be to try to help prevent others from developing SZ, if possible, and maybe if we understand the cause, it might help recovery from SZ. Unfortunately there are still varying opinions among experts as to the cause(s) of SZ making it that much more difficult. The Bible does not even come close to saying anywhere that hallucinations are caused by not believing and not getting forgiveness for sins, and there is nothing in the Bible that contradicts natural selection either. And if you were born with genetic error that led to SZ, then how could you be the cause of that?

I believe that it is the “dark side” or devil that brings disease. A lot of people seem to forget that this is the devil’s world so he brings harm to those in it. It is not the sin that causes the diseases.

Hopefully science will treat schizophrenia as a disease and find out all the things that cause it.

I don’t believe in sin, that feeds into black and white thinking, and that breeds resentment, self loathing, anger, ect. It’s best just to accept people as they are.


I have mixed feelings about sin. On the one hand I feel its just a word. Our negative connotation to the word is what can cause anxiety and stress all on its own.

In the physical diseases maybe you could say sin is a problem. Like becoming tolerant to filth (ignorance) for too long and you get something like the black plague.

But with MI I like to think that the whole of society is the cause and the whole affects the parts.

As for sin, I think that Jesus (or others that taught this concept) were only trying to deter others from bad behavior that were affecting each other negatively. In the Gospel of Thomas Jesus says that there is no sin, but we create sin with unequal love. He didn’t word it like that but that’s how I read it.

So I spoke to this past life healer he said I had schiz in my past life and it’s all a result of my karma. What bull that is.


Better not go to him anymore…


The ancient Greeks believed that sin caused things like plague, and I think there were other cultures that believed that if a person was stricken by an illness it was because he had sinned. Very primitive.

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No, it does not.
I have been a christian all my life, but not once have I heard immunization to be a sin. That makes no sense to me at all.

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