Is It schizophrenia?

My sister was 20 years old when first psychotic episode occurred.
According our knowledge in our family there are no other relatives who suffer from schizophrenia.

The symptoms of my sister during the first psychotic episode were:

  • disorganized speech and impossibility to think and say sonething true and rational
  • capgras delusion “those two people are not our parents but substitutes”
  • impossibility to sleep and she never slept one minute for 2 days
  • risperidone works for her and taking risperdal she had 3 years food, but when the doctor reduce risperdal she had a release and another psycotic episode

Is It schizophrenia or should be another illness?

I’d be wrong to diagnose over the Internet. Why don’t you get a live Doctor to help you?

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There’s a family forum for family members. @Ninjastar

I’d like to encourage you to join our forum for Family and Caregivers that can be found at:

While this is a peer support forum for people with schizophrenia and other closely related psychotic disorders, the Family forum is specifically for people like yourself, who have a loved one they are concerned about.

Also, please let your loved one know about this forum as they may find it helpful.

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