Is it safe to take SSRI with olanzapine?

I want to tske lexapro (escitalopram) with Invega and Olanzapine. I read that csn cause QT syndrome and seroyonin syndrome. Anyone on olanzapine take an antidepressant?


I take fluoxetine and olanzapine. In fact those two are marketed as a combo pill together.I take them separately though.

Can you fall asleep easily on fluoxetine? When I wad only on Invega and lexapro I had a difficulty falling asleep

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My doctor recently tried cutting my olanzapine in half and I could not sleep. But now that I am back on the full dose, I can sleep better. No problems. Plus my paranoia is getting better.

Olanzapine is the best. I’m quite partial to it. Lol. It has saved my life.

So youre saying using lexapro with olanzapine is safe? Im seeing my psychistrist this thursday and not sure if I can wait that long. My ocd is killing me

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I don’t know anything about lexapro, sorry

Just fluoxetine. Which is an ssri.

Initially I was started on olanzapine and sertraline which is an SSRI. Didn’t give me side effects that I can remember.

I’m on olanzapine along with paxil. No probs!

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