Is it safe to be pregnant on Depixol?

Is it safe to be pregnant on Depixol? Want to get pregnant as single mother. Asked my care worker and she said what’s your situation are you in relationship? I said no she said come back and we’ll check with Psychaiatrist when your in a relationship and thinking of getting pregnant. I didn’t like saying I’ll do it on my own.

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Sounds like she didn’t know the answer so she just made an excuse as to why she didn’t have to answer the question. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

It’s really a question for a Psychiatrist though. I don’t know that anyone here has the medical expertise to answer that question accurately.


Yeah it’s really annoying because I have to go through her to get appointment with Psychaiatrist.


Depixol is a meds from 1972 made by lundbeck pharma. I would mean in that time span there must have been some women who have gone into labor on that meds. please write to Lund beck pharma and ask the question to them.

Google says it’s not to be deemed safe during pregnancy.

Could cause birth defects and withdrawal symptoms for the baby.

I was on flupenthixol that actually stopped my periods so not sure you can even get pregnant on it in the first place but no there are safer antipsychotics out there if u wanna get pregnant x