Is it right to pity?

So what do you think? No one likes to be pitied but it seems necessary to have compassion.


You can be compassionate without being pitious. I dislike pity. I want no ones pity, i just want to be understood. And that takes compassion.

Is it Petty to be pitied do not know for the humble things feelings will show and for this alone it’s worth its weight in gold because you find your true friends are willing to hold

Pity isn’t bad when it is combined with humility. If a person has cancer, or just lost one of their children, then they deserve pity, but that pity should not be combined with an “I’m better than you component.”


Yeah I don’t like pity either.
Compassion is what it’s all about.

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A trained psychologist tried to get me to understand compassion a few times and failed

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