Is it really Schizophrenia? My symptoms


My name is Vijay, presently staying in Chennai, and I have been suffering from a strange problem for the past eight years.

Initially in 2008 I started to feel that someone is actually controlling me and my thoughts.

Controlling in the sense, a scenario as follows - there was this particular person who will send emotions through telepathy and have me react to it, she understands the emotions and thoughts of me only to make me fear, she constantly do this with the motive of harming me. She does this 24x7 and physically press me, control my thoughts and I will not be able to focus on what is going on surrounding me but keep responding to her (often talking to her) every second. I talk to her, plead her to leave me so that I can focus on what is going on around me. This happened for 6+ years 24x7. I was not ready to take medications because I was completely believing that someone is actually controlling me and there is something called telepathy. During the course of 6+ years, the person who is controlling me switched hands with different persons initially there was a woman, then a professor, then a bunch of other people. I can even pin point who was actually controlling me, I can even name them.

Off-late in 2014, the external control started to reduce, I started to realize what was going on around me, I can sense the world around, see things happening which was not possible until then. Even though I can see and sense things around, I was not able to focus, think, concentrate, talk, interact with anyone. I would prefer to stay like a dead person. I still am the same way. Although the external control reduced, it kept haunting every now and then, but the frequency keep reducing and today the external control is very minimum but I still find hard to focus, concentrate, think, interact, talk and prefer to stay like a dead person. This is a huge problem. Another important problem is memory loss, if I happen to talk with someone, I usually forget the context while talking and project a blank face. It is very difficult to recollect things. Another thing is I feel something constantly pressing on my forehead and this pressing sensation is there 24x7.

Is this really Schizophrenia?
Please help with the right direction.
Thank you

Yes , to me you sound like a schizophrenic. That feeling in your forehead is most likely chronic inflammation. Most schizophrenics have that feeling in their heads. Some medications help with the forehead inflammation, like Abilify (but Abilify wasn’t for me due to the other extreme side effects). I get inflammation in my head too, it’s annoying, and it makes me look like I’m pulling an evil face, which I’m not. I’m schizophrenic too. Hang in there , there may be hope. Well maybe some day.

It sounds like psychosis to me but it could be related to a number of problems. It’s impossible to diagnose you over the Internet. You should find yourself a good doctor and tell him what you’re experiencing. It’s never good to ignore these types of symptoms because they usually will not go away on their own.

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You might want to have an mri to rule out a brain tumor. I read a story about a girl who was diagnosed schizophrenic but it turned out to be a brain tumor.

The other symptoms sound like thought insertion, so maybe you have it. I’m not sure a brain tumor can be responsible for the complicated hallucinations you are having, anything is possible.

That’s my fantasy that they will discover I have an operable brain tumor and remove this cancerous demon from my mind for good.

Have you heard of low Working Memory? This sounds like a “working memory” problem which some people with Schizophrenia have. I know I’m one of them.

I had a brain tumor. The disease didn’t go away after I got it removed, though.

To the OP: What your describing could be symptoms of schizophrenia, but it could also be something else. Alogia is the inability to form verbal speech. It can be a sign of schizophrenia. Catalonia is when you go for long periods of time without moving or reacting to outside stimuli, and you just hold still. It can also be a sign of schizophrenia. But there are other things that can cause it also. Go to a doctor and tell him what’s going on.

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8 years is a long time to have positive symptoms

you can get to a point where you think it’s occurring naturally,
but it’s not.

Hope you get on meds and see what happens.

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