Is it reality, schizophrenia, or possession?

Watch the movie being John Malkovich, and UFOs and the Cyborg Invasion, by Jim Nichols 2017.

I’ve seen “Being John Malkovich”. I’m not sure how you would think that movie has anything to do with reality though. Kind of a strange film. Have not seen the other film.

You’ve been possessed by another living person as in the movie?

Cinema is an escape from reality for normies.

Hmmm…sounds like a weird experience.
Yeah like @anon99082702 said its an escape
That movie was never meant to be taken seriously.
I can’t speak to your experience though.

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So is reading a book.

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Lol. on the Cameron Diaz observation.

I think she just had a baby recently though so you might be wrong on that one. haha

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You seem to need meds or your meds arent working. Your thoughts are not logical. Telepathy doesnt exist.


It is schizophrenia.

It’s a type of harassment aiming at entrapment or emotional blackmail just humor them, and continue the same

It’s definitely not possession. It’s closer to ESP than that.

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