Is It rare to have friends in person

Hey y’all my name is ivan and I’m 21 been diagnose for 2 years and just want to see what the rates are for y’all on making friends in person and maintaining that friendship feel kinda lonely my parents brothers sisters and cousins seem to be my only friends for these past 2 years and glad to say they help me recover

  • I have no IRL friends
  • I have 1-3 IRL friends
  • I have 4+ IRL friends
  • I have no trouble making friends
  • I have a lot of trouble making friends

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I have my partner and 2 friends, but I very rarely see them in person. Maybe once every couple months. Most of my friends are internet friends and more like people I’m familiar with than actual friends, if that makes sense.

I have problems making friends outside of my family. I think my 11 year old niece really likes me. No pdoc will probably tell you but making friends is hard for schizo and that ability is often impared.

I have no friends my age.

I lost all my friends when I was 17, and went psychotic and had court ordered drugs consoling where I had to break ties with all my school friends as they were bad influences.

I made some friends a few years later, but then that only last a while before we drifted apart.

The only social contact I have is going to the cinema once a month with a family friend, and the occasional concert with my cousin. I see my parents too.

I feel like I have failed, as now I cannot find a partner as I am a hermit and people notice if you don’t have a collection of healthy relationships around you.

What does irl mean

In real life, meaning in person and not on the internet.

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For so long i have always thought of myself as someone no one wanted to be around. It didn’t matter if, for example, at work i had a good working relationship with someone there, i would assume that they didn’t want to catch up with me outside of work. So i spent a lot of time being lonely. But recently i have put the effort into being more sociable with people that i like and admire. So far so good. I haven’t had any major issues, and at least half of them know of my Schizophrenia. Sometimes making friends means taking a few risks. It might not pay off all the time, but there will be some who are genuinely happy to be friends with you.

I haven’t had friends in awhile. My last roommate drove me crazy but we were kind of friends for a little while and that was a year ago.

This might help you more: when I was in a board & care home from 1990-95 I made a friend there and we stayed friends for 7 years and not only that but he had paranoid schizophrenia too. I was in my thirties.

My other longest friendship since I got diagnosed was in the eighties; I was friends with my neighbor and we both moved around several times separately but we were friends off and on for about 6 years. We lost touch in 1988 but we coincidentally both ended up in the same day program in 1998 and we picked up the friendship right where we left off and things went great though a lot of stuff had happened to us both in the years between.

He was a mellow, friendly, likable guy and he also had paranoid schizophrenia. I haven’t had a lot of friends who were women. I knew a woman for a few years (also in the eighties) and we were friends, we even went out on two dates. And one of my sisters friends liked me when I lived with my sister in the nineties and my sister was always inviting me out with her friend. Yeah, she liked me and we were around each other a lot, I don’t know how good of friends we were. I knew her for a few years.

I’ve had a bunch of short term friendships over the years where we would both be in the same programs or in the same housing and I met people at jobs. There’s a guy at work who I’m friends with I guess but it’s been 7 years and we’re only “work friends” but we’re getting sick of each other, lol. He’s not schizophrenic but he’s got mental health issues of his own.

I have friends from before I got sick, my sister, and my husband. I have my parents too but they’re not really friends as in I don’t go out with them. I have been at my job for 8 ish months now and I kinda have friends from there.

For me, it’s not having trouble making friends it’s deciding where I want to put my energy. I (as do most of us) have keep my stress down and make sure I have openings to rest. Stress and exhaustion bring symptoms.

At your age it’s just gone from having friends around at school to having to find them. Making friends after school is harder but if it’s something you want then you can do it, sz included. You just have to get involved someone that has people with similar interests.

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I have a friend from college,
a friend from the army,
a friend from school,
and a friend from neighborhood.

I just moved, so the one IRL friend I still had from college is now on the other end of the country. I have none anymore except family and family friends… just some acquaintances. I need to go to meetups and get a friend.

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77nick77 is you crazy dawg? That’s a no from me dawg. Congratulations, you’re going on to the next round in who wants to be a schizofriend idol.

Hang in there dude, the first five years are the most difficult, after 10 you get experience similar to a level up, it does not become any easier, but you learn how to manage and cope with symptoms. Do not be afraid to ask for help if you are feeling low. I’m certain one or two people will always be on the forum at any given time. Just look at how many kind replies you have received. Oh, you can also type @ and then an online handle once you are a regular forum member. Welcome! Watch let’s unite the dragonball and summon @minni or whatever her name is now… @Mim130 if all else fails you cannsummonnfor example… @ZombieMombie or… SHINOBIDOooooo! @ninjastar or… @Moonbeam and don’t forget the good ol’ chap, @Jayster

What do you mean, @anon40653964, I have friends in real life? I’m just glad to have survived yesterday. I just know I can’t rely on both this site and Facebook too much. As far as my love life goes, at 42, I just feel I’m getting too old for this. My single life is my best life, anyway.

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Oh, however you feel about living is fine so long as you are. What I mean is well… at 42, I’m certain you can help explain to our new buddy who is 22 that physical health affects mental health and all that. Well, politely over time.

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Yeah, you definitely don’t want to go completely without any support, even without friends. Here’s a song to help prove that:

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Ive got absolutley no freinds where i live - and i couldnt care less. Yes aquaintances - but no one i trust.

As ive got older, life is easier and more comfortable if i keep my public interactions to a minimum.

I don’t have any friends here. All my friends are back home. And they will all forget about me soon enough. I’m going to start going to art group so maybe I’ll make some new friends there and maybe if I get this job working for the county I can make some friends that way.

I don’t even bother making friends irl right now. I am in no place to maintain them so what is the point of trying. It would take someone special for me to be able to maintain a friendship like face to face, not just sometimes via watsapp