Is it possible to take part on the min 101 trial?

I live in amsterdamm

You might just get a placebo :confused:

You are patient, so wait patiently for the drug to be approved :wink:

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Lolz is the chance high of getting approved?

Im already participating the simvastatin trial and i believe im taking the placebo. So 2 times the placebo i must be very unlucky then. But my first question before participating is it safe? You any thoughts about safety?

I wouldn’t do it. Trials aren’t safe.

At least finish your current trial before finding out what’s next.
I commend you for wanting to participate in the trial, but you should be ready to take placebo.
It will only get approved if it’s safe and effective, so the benefit of approved drugs is that they
are judged to be safe and effective by the authorities.

But they have already tested it in phase 1 and 2? So cant you say it is safe? Also i have high hopes for this drug. It seems to be very effective.
Also i cant live like this for long its too hard

Although Minerva says they will start phase 3 later this year, the only studies recruiting on are for healthy volunteers to test the metabolization of the drug.

As far as safety - well, it depends on the drug and the phase. Before it is tested on humans it is tested on animals. Then a small number of healthy humans in phase 1. And there’s usually extensive monitoring of participants. But even approved drugs sometimes turn out to have safety problems. So there can be risk. In studies that take you off your anti psychotic to test a new one (that could also be placebo) part of that risk is that you could relapse. The studies that test using a drug as an adjunctive or with an active control are probably safer in that respect.


No I can’t.

You are right i need an ap to prevent becoming nuts
So i cant do it. Tnx for this insight i already sent a message to minerva, but now i will just wait for it to be approved lol
I should have thought about this lol

Now im thinking if i get the placebo i just stop with the trial lol

Isn’t the drug you’re testing an adjunctive, not a standalone?

The drug min 101?

No, maybe I have you confused with someone else. There is someone testing a cholesterol drug for sz.

Min 101 isn’t being tested as an adjunctive.

Oh lol yes thats me as an adjunctive yes
But its only going to improve for 10 %

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Well, if it works and acts like other antipsychotics do, usually the most impaired people have the biggest benefit. So that’s probably just an average.

Why don’t you contact them to see if you can get on the list for future studies. Here is the info on their current studies:


Tnx for the info but im not willing to participate anymore

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