Is it possible to recover

Is it possible to recover to 100% function 6 years after diagnosis?

Statistics say some people can recover, but not all. I recovered from delusions about 2.5 years after diagnosis, and it was permanent, but I still hallucinate. I have hope though that the hallucinations will stop at some point if I stay cooperative with my treatment plan. I really have that hope for everybody.

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Is the treatment progress difficult?

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No I’ve just been taking my medication and letting time pass. Then I snapped out of the delusions one day and they never came back.

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They say it’s possible, though in all reality we’ll all have breakthrough symptoms. I still have enormous amount of symptoms even after 1 year.

It is possible if you are on medicine. I’m 90 percent cured. I would say off medicine it would be rare.

I have remission of symptoms but i am getting progressively worse. I am not able to function socially anymore. Ive had this illness for 12 years

I think a large part of the symptoms can subside. I doubt anyone with a lot of years of schizophrenia like myself can ever function more than the minimum functioning in society is for my age.

I’ve recovered from all of my symptoms. After psychosis my delusions stayed for about 6 weeks, then everything went away. I have been well since May last year and the only thing I suffer from is derealization once or twice a week. But zero schizophrenic symptoms.

I recovered four years after my diagnosis but five years later it came back
Guess I’m not in the percentage that fully recover
But I’ve accepted that I will have relapses and episodes interspersed with well periods

It is possible. Many recover. I didnt 100%.

I have some fleeting symptoms in daily life if im stressed or the day before my period, some mild delusions. I also have more severe delusions a few times a year. It is bearable.

Atm im mostly bothered by other symptoms - avolition, anhedonia, social anxiety, insecurity, executive and cognitive deficit, fatigue.

It is okay though. shrugs Life is still worth it, mostly.

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