Is it possible to quit cocaine?

Is it possible to quit cocaine? Whenever I try to quit it, I experience severe withdrawal symptoms. Do I need to take the help of any rehab centres to face the withdrawal symptoms? One of my friends had done the alcohol addiction program from bellwood health service, Toronto and the cost was also affordable for him. But I don’t know whether the cost will be the same for drug addiction treatment. How much will cost in rehab centers for drug addiction treatment?

Yes it’s possible. I quit by myself, my cousin quit in rehab. I don’t know what the prices are in the americas.

Best of luck :slight_smile:

Gee, I tried to get a young coke head into detox, and they wouldn’t take him. They said there is no physical withdrawal from coke.


I quit Coke, apparantly it’s bad for your teeth, also the polar bear ads were corny.

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I got addicted to crack and smoked it for 4 years. After I got tired of all the sneaking around to hide my drug use from everyone and after I got tired of being cheated in drug deals all the time, and after I got tired of risking serious injury night after night to get my drugs I decided to do something about it. I joined AA, CA, and NA and I started going to meetings. I now have 26 years of continuous sobriety.