Is it possible to live normally without meds?

By “normally”, i mean the ability to hold a job and building relationship with people and have normal social interaction. I found that i can’t make eye contact off meds and it surely stops me from building up a meaningful relationships with others and i am still thinking about the relations between sinusitis and schizophrenia especially i feel my symptoms eased a bit when being on antibiotics

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Not for me. Before meds I was a paranoid mess and although somewhat successful I had some major problems that meds really sorted out. Sure. I live on disability now but I live a good, fullfilled life and I’m happy.


Only by taking anti-psychotic medication for life can a person hold a job, build relationships with people and have normal social interaction.


Possible, sure. Probably? Not really. Those who do are basically statistical outliers. Oh, and I have trouble making eye contact and socializing even on meds. I had to put a lot of effort into learning how.


I hear things constantly off meds and it starts influencing my decisions. I don’t think I can live off of meds right now.

For most of us diagnosed as schizophrenic the answer is no. Although there are a few exceptions.

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Totally agree. On average if you look at all schizophrenics and extrapolate those who do well holding a job and have relationships with people. I wouldn’t be surprised if the data/graph shows that high-functioning schizophrenics are taking their medication compared to schizophrenics who do not take their medication and are functioning poorly.


My medication is why I’m able to function well at work and also personally. The trick is to get to the lowest dose you can.


I have to say no to that. I have only been able to hold a job and meaningful relationships because of the medication. Without them, my ability to work is severely compromised. My ability to engage in relationships also deteriorates. I become an absolute mess, and would probably be sectioned again and taken to the hospital for treatment.

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I worked while unmedicated for about 3 years.

It was rough as fuuck.

I worked at a bookstore for around 8 months, and a bank for 2.5 years.

The bookstore was a good job. Although I would hide in the stacks and talk back to the voices… Didn’t know any better back then :upside_down_face:.

I will say that when I was working at the bank, I was bullied by my managers and some peers. Made it extremely difficult, what with symptoms and everything.

I’m currently working while medicated.

My normie coworkers have all complimented me on my “zen-like” demeanor.

…Little do they know I’m on some hardcore medication, haha :sweat_smile:.


i can’t even live a normal life on meds… off meds it’s way worse…


In a word : no.
Very few people come off the drugs from what I’ve seen.
If they do its because they are living their life without issues and taper off with a doctors guidance over a longer period of time.

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thanks everyone!

I guess there’s exceptions to the rule, but I need my meds. Keeps me calm and happy and moving forward. I can’t do most things anymore and I have cognitive decline from the illness mainly.

There’s things I could do. I lost weight on Latuda. I’ve seen Keto work for my brother and my mom.

I could find my inner strength and quit the monsters and smoke less.

I’m extremely lucky to have excellent, good private insurance that covers Vraylar. I’m blessed.

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I would say I could hold a job and build relationships without medication but my functioning would be lower than if I was on the right medication.

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I’m going to be an outlier. I’m not on meds. I have meaningful relationships, I’m able to keep the house clean, take care of several animals, and I date and socialize better than I have my whole life. I also hear cruel voices, have tactile, and functional hallucinations 24/7, visual hallucinations daily, and I’m not yet 100% convinced people aren’t listening to my thoughts. But it doesn’t bother me anymore if they are. I’m looking forward to finding work again, and getting on with my life with my hallucinations.

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That sounds really hard fractaled. Is there any reason you dont want meds?


I’ve been in mental hospitals three times, the last one ten years ago. I was put on Risperdal, after blacking out, and ended up an hour away from where I was (I was not even using weed at this time bc I was looking for a job). I was approached by a large house cat, who was about 3 ft tall, and we had a conversation. The Risperdal made me eat every second, till I’d throw up and eat more. I quit it after a wk, and the Dr decided not to put me on another ap since I wasn’t experiencing any more hallucinations.

I know what I’d be getting myself into.

For me, it’s incredibly important to learn to cope with my new experiences, before I look for a cure all. I’m lucky I’ve been able to manage my response to them in healthy ways, and not let them stop me living. If anything, they gave me more reason to. But that’s my experience, and I realize meds might be essential for others to achieve the same result.

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How long have you been diagnosed?

Sorry for derailing the thread btw.

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