Is it possible to have toothaches because of the ap?

I have some problems with my teeth right now but I treat them with a dentist. he worked on one pulpitis, he already extracted the root. I have another pulpitis who isn’t still treated but I have such a horrible tootaches on almost all my mouth that I wanna climb the walls :cry:.
my dentist doesn’t see the reason to have so much pain right now… could it be the ap, my zyprexa? wow… or psychosomatic probably? strange thing yeah :/…

It’s a side effect of zyprexa unfortunately.

chronic tooth pain from zyprexa? how do you know that Minnie?


Very common (10% or more): Dry mouth (up to 22%), constipation (up to 11%), dyspepsia (up to 11%)
Common (1% to 10%): Abdominal pain, diarrhea, flatulence, nausea, toothache, vomiting, toothache
Uncommon (0.1% to 1%): Tongue edema
Rare (less than 0.1%): Ileus, intestinal obstruction
Postmarketing reports: Pancreatitis[Ref]

ok, thanks, ill check that :confused:

Talk to your pdoc honey

ok yes, I should do it but its so delicate with all these physical symptoms… I haven’t this with the teeth before on zyprexa

Which tooth is it that hurts?

I have the impression tahts its all my upper left side, don’t know anymore… I have one treated pulpitis there and one untreated pulpitis. but its still strange to hurt so much

I had a lot of trouble with tooth pain a while back when I still had teeth in the back. I also take zypreza. My dentist said that there are one or two teeth back there whose root nerve ending went up into the sinus + if you had even minor sinus symptoms, the sinus magnifies is into the nerve, like yelling into an empty cave. It feels like you have a tooth ache but your tooth is fine. Another sinus toward the upper front does the same, but less so.

You should not have the tooth ache pain on your bottom teeth if this is the case because there are no sinuses - with nerve endings extended into them… Sometimes the re is referred pain from top to bottom or side to side, but isn’t as far-reaching.

That was the case with me.

Actually I told my dentist that two or three of my teeth hurt even though I hadn’t had any sinus symptoms in a year, then two years. She kept saying it was the sinuses. Mouse that I am, I just gave up and stopped mentioning them. I eventually lost those teeth.


I think my tooth with a problem who is untreated still is in the upper left, at the end. maybe its the sinusitis as well, yes… I hope its not some kind of hypersensitivity from zyprexa. my mom keeps saying that I somatise but I am not sure for this :(… I feel bad now because of my psycho problems but ill try to go to the dentist this Monday.

I do get tooth pain from sinuses like that. It can happen - changes in air pressure or the slightest infection make my teeth feel like they want to explode out of my mouth. I have allergies and recurrent sinus problems, though, so in my case it makes sense.

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That is a place where you might feel tooth pain from the sinus. Sometimes you think it’s one tooth, but it’s the one beside it, or maybe the next one. Hopefully that’s the case with you.

Try to notice if you’ve had any sinus symptoms at all while it’s been hurting.

Actually I didn’t really believe my dentist for a long time. “MY TOOTH HURTS, AND YOU"RE NOT MAKING IT STOP!” Good luck at the d~entist.

It might help to get some 20% benzocaine gel and apply it with cotton swabs to the worst area. If you have “Dollar Tree” stores where you live you might be able to get it for $1.00 a tube. The exact same thing costs $6.00 in Wal Mart, and $9.00 in Kmart. No telling what it costs in Walgreens. There is a pasty 20% benzocaine product that is better to apply to your bottom teeth, if that’s where the pain is, because it stays in place. I used that stuff on a rotting molar I had, and it worked very well. Also, you might try acetamenaphine, if you’re not already.

Schizo can cause pain variability…Some complain about this very badly and just let it all rot.

Can see if DDS will use a general anesthetic.