Is it possible to have depression and not knowing that I have depression? Schiz Admin said I could be having it. What is your take on it?

Is it possible to have depression

and not knowing that I have depression?

Schiz Admin said I could be having it.

What is your take on it?

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bro u can visit pdoc soon.might med do good 4 u…

You are probably right on the target but I don’t seem to have any symptoms of depression, besides that, should I use another drug for depression?

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yes u could try.

I have many spells of feeling no emotion at all. I see it as a form of depression now.

I would say it’s very possible or at least to be very uncertain. Most online depression tests say I have mild to moderate depression but I find it hard to see that.

There’s this one video by this female therapist named Kati Morton where she says it is possible to have depression and still be happy. That kind of confronts me with a different definition of “depression” than I had before I saw that video. I guess if by the word “depression” you mean lacking vigor that definition would fit. I guess you can be kind of oppressed but still be happy.

It is very possible. Many people who have a depressed state of mind are not aware of the having the condition. If you often think that there is nothing worth living for, or feel worthless you likely have depression in some form. I am not sure if this is the case for you, but there are other symptoms. It does not mean you cannot overcome that feeling. I know it may sound like a television commercial for anti-depressants but the truth of the matter is that help is worth seeking if you have been suicidal ideations. Bad moments if allowed to accumulate in one’s memory without thinking of good things or experiences can be tough for anyone. Best wishes.

Schiz Admin said if Sarcosine is not making me motivated, as I made that point, I must be having depression ( without knowing it even exists ) … Now I think I have it so, that must be the reason why I find myself a complete loser even after medication.

Differential diagnosis of depression in schizophrenia

There are a number of important differential diagnoses of depressive symptoms in schizophrenia. We can assume that depression and schizophrenia are not simply two independent illnesses occurring together by chance, on the basis of the epidemiology of each illness. Differential diagnoses to consider include schizoaffective disorder, organic conditions and the negative symptoms of schizophrenia. It has been argued by some that depression may in some way be ‘caused’ by antipsychotic medication and this issue will be discussed in detail. Depression may also be an understandable psychological reaction to schizophrenia. When all of these possibilities have been excluded, there is evidence that depression is perhaps most often an integral part of the schizophrenic process itself.