Is it possible to go psychotic if you know too much?

An overload of issues

in process derailed ?

you’re just strange All the time.


I think so, as with too much stress🤔


Maybe to you I am strange

yeah, you don’t even want to say how you feel, just put it out there in a question, expecting all the suckers to respond!

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I think its part of the illness to think you have secret wisdom or knowledge sadly…Im fighting with delusions right now based on some psychotic symptoms…and a reaction to chemicals…

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loads of problems lead me to psychotic

IMO the lead up to psychosis is different

for each person




You already asked that question a few months ago @san_pedro

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I can ask what I want asiz

Whatever, as long as its not too repetetive. I am sure you will get suspended for posting the same thing everyday, so no you can’t post whatever you want, you have to follow the rules :stuck_out_tongue:


you broke the rules many times

just the mods like u

Lol Why you wanna fight? I just pointed a fact, I didn’t attack you nor want to fight with you. You always think ppl hate you for some reason.

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Fight? a key board warrior?


just honest truth from me

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