Is it possible to become resistant/build tolerance to antipsychotic medication?

This pattern has happened several times in my life, where I become stable on a med, I seem like I’m fine. And then several months later I’m having symptoms again and I have to ride the med carousel again.

I was wondering if that was because I grew resistant to the medicine, much like one can gain tolerance to benzos.

Just a thought, and I was curious if any of y’all knew the answer.

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I’m stuck in this cycle of starting a med that works great, then having symptoms after a while and needing the dose upped, until I’m on max dosis and then starting over with another med


There isn’t such thing as a ap resistance.
AP are blockers, dopaminergetic/serotominergetic/noradrenaline(if I remember correctly) blockers. So you can’t build up tolerance, but sometimes the dose you’re on doesn’t do its job so good because there’s more stimuli wich affect you.


I’ve wondered the same thing. I have to up doses and try new meds all the time.

Paging @everhopeful what’s the term for how abilify doesn’t have any tolerance?

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I’ve been on perphenazine for fifty years.


wow thats along time. do you still hear voices?

Well, I don’t hear external voices. But my head has chatter in it most of the time.