Is it possible to be as fit as I was when I was 30?

Gene thanks.

I don’t know
I feel like the starting point is worse
What that should do to my aims I don’t know

I am 33, and this weight I have lost last year was not expected, and has been a transformation

Nothing like physical manual labour to get into shape.

Landscaping is pretty intense with lots of working out 8 hours a day

Beats sitting at my desk eating Skittles!


i am 44 and only recently started jogging…go for it, start with 20 minute walks

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Thanks @GEDchill
I’m no stranger to starting over.
Never been so far from my target
It’s just going to take years

Congrats @FadeToBlack
Yes, manual labour will do it.
I worked on a farm, as a field hand
And do an early 2hr yoga lesson before showing up an hour later than the rest of them

I’ve never been so big, but historically I was a real yo-yo
Went from 9 st to 13 stone
Up and down up and down
Never been closer to 14 as now

Good luck @karl
I hope you reach your goal

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Such a perfect answer
I just need to read it over and over

I have gone up and down too. I got as far as buying 40 inch jeans as I was so big.

Now I am down to 32 inches, but I still keep all my fat clothes, as I can’t afford to have to buy all new clothes again if I put the weight back on…

Don’t give up on yourself. Some simple lifestyle changes will help in the long term - I have always avoided dieting, as it’s not sustainable.


Thank you for your words of encouragement
The one thing Im sticking to I think will keep is a lifestyle of very gentle intermittent fasting with an eating window of 8 hours
Because I’m up early and go to bed early it’s 9.30am - 5.30pm with nothing outside of that

Nothing is outlawed, but I’m just being careful

Thank you so much for your reminder that depriving myself won’t work
I’m going to have to figure out what’s healthy and how to eat cake as a normal part of a normal day, sometimes

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of course nothing is impossible, just work hard, find the right diet plan. supplement plan it will work. Just stay dedicated thats all.

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My weight is within normal. I eat what I want, when I want, and however I want it. I deny myself nothing. I just limit my portions. I have one cup or a palm sized portion of everything and I never have seconds.

I don’t count my calories anymore. I just eat breakfast when I arise, eat lunch about 4 hours later and eat dinner about 5 pm. I keep my night time eating to a minimum.

I rarely to never drink alcohol. I only drink less than one sugar pop a day. I mostly drink black, unsweetened, decaf coffee, and ice water, and lots of both.


I would not think it is possible, but I did it. I started exercising at age sixty again after ten years of not exercising and soon I was one of the strongest in the gym again.
In the picture I am with 300lbs iron in the Pec Deck, according to the website Strengthlevel I am stronger than 99% of male lifters in my age group and have elite strength.


I have a lot of respect for your approach
Not going back for seconds is something that I’ve just started observing since reading your post!
Thank you so much
Sticking to not eating between 6pm and 10am seems to be working for me
Small portions is something I’m hoping that I’m starting to follow again


I’m not big into lifting like you are probably not big into yoga, but that is a fantastic achievement
I’ve never been elite anything! Not even close
Congrats on getting back your fitness in your 60’s


I walk…I eat small portions and I now weigh 184. It took a long time to get my meds right before I could lose the weight…I am on generic prolixin (fluphenazine) and doing great. I am 58.


I am noticing a lack of ease walking
It’s really great that you do that
Got to be one of the best of exercises
It’s something I’m trying to do more of

I’m 4 lbs down from my very worst about 4 weeks ago
I’ve recently switched to maintenance dose of my bigger weight gainer (clopixol) and increased the weight neutral Abilify
I think I have less hunger already

Congrats I hope I have success
I’m noticing a difference already with the exercise


Good going @agentmulderfbi!

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