Is it possible or remarkable...?

For a diagnosised schizophrenic to have peace of mind for over 9 years?

If you’re stable on meds anything is possible.

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if your off meds and stable your bullet proof !!

The meds are the reason you’re stable,

I wouldn’t go off them.


time will tell, a chemical imbalance can’t be proved

anyone online today?

I got sick at 21. Took 6-7 years of suffering to finally find peace and joy. Been like this for a year. I can still go to outpatient if I want but it’s always voluntary. America is great.

I found the right combo of meds Vraylar 6 mg and Cymbalta Generic 120 mg. Don’t need anything else. Stabilizes my mood and ■■■■. People might disagree with how I talk and type, but that’s their business, not mine!

So yes, it is.

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for anyone to have peace of mind is remarkable

It generally can. They have this cool thing called The Scientific Method.

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The chemical imbalance theory is unproven and often cited as an explanation for mental disorders. It states that these conditions are caused by an imbalance of neurotransmitters between nerve cells in the brain

There are increasing signs that it may be a bacterial imblance or too much of the wrong type of bacteria. Initial research into the links between the gut and the brain is extremely promising and warrants further investigation.

Science is fooking awesome.

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What about the norovirus or herpes virus? I had a dream the aliens told me it was caused by the norovirus. Not sure. I’ve been looking. I think it is caused by a virus or bacteria though.

They also told me iti-007 wont get FDA approval. Well see.

When you have a dream like that, generally don’t waste any extra time on it. Just sayin’.

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