Is It Possible, Not Necessarily Probable, That

Socrates might be resurrected! Minus The Hemlock (ha)!This Buds For You? They seemed to have been solid recyclers up there from my experience. Keep running into the boys in the hoods. I’m talking about the Polka Waltzers, not necessarily the Funky Tanned Medina.

Okay, Firstenly, why would a Muslim Caliphet be at all interested in ancient Greek Philosophy, to the point of spready!

After the bullies on the playground had their beat off session for vaseline, they still had to graduate elementary school, eh … A is for Apple … and ZZZZs are hard to get up from? Eh?

I think she burnt the ham and the turkey dad, I guess we can can all blame it on the Speghettios …

All hail the High Priest of I Have No Idea What The F*ck You’re Talking About

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