Is it possible? Anxiety / Paranoia from Clozapine?

i make crisis of fear in the evenings. i am really paranoid in this moments. can leponex be the cause?

Have you ever suffered from anxiety or fear before? Have you suffered from paranoia before?

How long have you been taking Leponex?

Are you taking any other medication?

How many times has this fear / anxiety happened to you in the evening?

It sounds like in some countries in Europe the medication is called Leponex. In North America we call it Clozapine:

hi sz. i had fear from people before when i was on zyprexa 10 mg but now with clozapine its more tangible, more physical even, even when i am alone :confused: i am not sure if its normal. i had it today in the morning and now in the evening. i take benzos for it and i am pacing in the house
it makes 4 months that i am on clozapine and zyprexa 5 mg

It doesn’t sound good. It doesn’t sound like the medication is working as it should. Definitely talk to the doctor about it as soon as you can.

The benzos can help - but are not the best solution longer term as they are addicting.

If you have a printer - print this checklist out and discuss it with your doctor the next visit:

sz, i ve tried xeroquel,zeldox,zypexa,solian, abilify,invega,fluanxol,clopixol… my mom i s afraid for my mind with so many meds… my psy said once that i can give a second chance to invega if leponex dont work on me…is it a good med? can it helps my fear and the negative symptoms?

i have been dx w/ schizo since college. i am now 51yrs old. i have been on so many diff anti-psychotics i don’t have enough fingers to count them on. i also have diabetes, and anti’s wreak havoc on my blood sugars, so there are many that i cannot take anymore.
i take clozapine for my schizophrenia/paranoia which has worked like a charm since i have been on it. i have taken as much as 500mgs a day to as little as only 100mgs a day. i also take Lamictal (lamotragine) for my OCD, as well as Klonopin (for dissociative disorder), and a new one called Brintellex which is for depression. this combo has been helping to curb my symptoms well. i still have symptoms, but they are not as severe, and i can take a PRN (a little extra anti) if needed. please don’t take this as a recommendation for these drugs. discuss this carefully w/ your doc. mine is a specialized psychopharmacologist who i have been seeing for 15 years. i tell him everything and he has been a savior in my life.

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I wouldn’t think so. Not from an anti-psychotic, but pills can effect people in different ways.

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I think its the zyprexa. I have the same

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That’s the name of clozapine med here in Greece, not clozaril