Is it part of sz/sza to have

After my two days of crisis after not taking my haloperidol for two days, I am much better as it recorrected itself.

Just want to ask though - those homicidal fantasies or ideation I have had, is it a symptom of sz/sza? I know not everyone gets it, and it makes me wonder why I did.

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For me it’s part of my sz.
Voices command me to kill my grandma.
And i see images of blood flowing.

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Depends if you want to act on that thought or not. I wouldnt call it a fantasy either, thats like something you would like to come through
They are intrusive thoughts just, and can be treated

i had that too… it really freaked me out always when the voices commanded me to kill somebody and i saw bloody flashes.


Homicidal ideation is a symptom of many mental disorders, including SZ, bipolar, depression etc…

Please talk with a doctor about this immediately.


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