Is it okay to talk about alcohol on here?

I have a question relating to alcohol and symptoms but i dont mean to condone drinking. Will it be ok to ask that question?

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Well, are you going to write in English?

Im sorry, what the he.ll do you mean?

Alcohol and drug discussion should only take place in a recovery context - if you want to talk about quitting and struggles with doing so, that’s totally cool. Otherwise, it’s not an appropriate topic for the board.

Posting under the influence is also against the guidelines, and will generally get you a 1 day suspension so you can sober up.

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What i want to talk about is whether peoples synptoms increase with alcohol or if it is just the effects of meds that intensify while drinking

That’s a tough one, but unfortunately it doesn’t fit the recovery context.

Gotta. Ok i wont bring it up

When I was 18, I was a miserable puke. But when they put me on Perphenazine, I could drink without throwing up. I tended to get drunk quicker, however.

I have not had any alcohol for greater than 43 years.



Sup jayster …what are u upto…why arent u active in this forum …!!!

Sup lexcon what are u upto …are u a pro drinker…i used to drink when i was young …!! I quit smoke and alchohol…i used to be chain smoker…

I gave up drinking for several reasons one being my meds don’t work as well if I get drunk . I even notice being a little unstable just having a few beers on a regular basis. The benefits of relaxation from alcohol is not worth destabilizing my meds.


I have found that alcohol effects the way antidepressants work.


Isn’t information gathering under the context of recovery? After all, knowing is half the battle. It’s like, the first half, in fact.

I bring this up because I once had a similar question about alcohol and sz symptoms, and this forum was very helpful on letting me know that extreme drinking can worsen symptoms.

I sent you a PM about this.

I attribute some of my schizophrenia to the extreme drinking I’ve done.

I try to use it in moderation and ive switched from smoking to vaping almost completely!


Good to hear u wont need tobacco anymore…people say vaping is good as compared to tobacco…

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Last night I went out to dinner for my dad’s birthday. There was an older lady drinking wine really slow all glamorous and whatnot. And my mom and brother in law ordered alcohol. I wasn’t triggered at all by the smell near me but was slightly triggered by the glamorous woman drinking like out of a magazine. I thought about non alcoholic drinking…but alas I woke up today without even the slightest hangover which was great. I’m 23 days since I had my last drink. I’m thinking about asking my pdoc to raise my Zoloft to 37.5 mg. 45 pills over 30 days instead of 30 because it helps with the cravings. Although it is already doing a great job so I only wanna raise it a tiny bit rather than double the dose.


I don’t believe it at all sorry : (

I drink occasionally with my sister and her husband. I’m generally a happy drunk so things go well. It isn’t something I do regularly. Maybe once a month or so. My other sister will be here soon so I suspect I will drink more often as she has a taste for wine.