Is it ok to use a little nicotine gum when having committed to cold turkey?

I went cold turkey last Thursday. But have had 4 pieces of nicotine gum in that time.

I kinda feel like it’s cheating and that it will ultimately take a lot longer to quit.

Anyone got experience with this?

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I think if it’s anything like stopping a med, weaning yourself down is smart and will ease withdrawal pains.


I THINK the research suggests that using a nicotine aid leads to more successful smoking cessation. I could be wrong.

I’ve done both cold turkey and with nicotine aids, and I’ve quit for a year and a half using the nicotine aid.

Every time I try cold turkey I end up smoking within a week to a month.

I wouldnt look at it as cheating, I’d look at it as another tool in the tool box. The process of quitting smoking is a marathon not a sprint. Its gonna take time, and using nicotine aids allows you to break the habit without craving the drug.

I’ve found the habit of smoking is harder to break than the nicotine addiction. Why suffer twice when you can ween yourself off of one while breaking the other?


@Later_Gator makes a good point. Vaping is also a habit. So you’re breaking the habit too.


Your chances of quitting double if you use a stop smoking aid.


Thanks for the advice, support and info folks. Really appreciate it

Yeah do it! 15151515

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I quit for 4 months using nicotine lozenges.

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